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As a Lifemark Partner agency we are able to share many valuable resources.  Intelligent Spreadsheets help you select the appropriate carrier after comparing a variety of factors – product, pricing, and underwriting are all important.  Performance Evaluation is a consumer-driven process integrating existing policy coverage and performance analysis with today’s life insurance needs and current product efficiencies.  We have a list of other carrier tools and benefits on our Sales Resources page.  Please explore our website; if you need assistance or are looking for something that isn’t provided, please contact your local Dixon Wells office.  We are always happy to assist.

regulation Industry Regulations
In order to write new business, all carriers require that you have Anti-Money Laundering (AML) certification.
Click HERE for FREE on-line AML training.
policy-review Policy Review Kit
Download pre-approach letters, forms and everything else you need to do policy reviews for clients and prospects.
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practice-management Practice Management
Working closely with industry experts and business coaches, we provide access to leading practice management programs. For example, Dixon Wells currently has Cannon Wealth Management graduates available to assist in the wealth management process. Please contact your Dixon Wells representative for more information.