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Getting Started with Policy Review

Life insurance is an important part of an overall financial plan. Regular life insurance reviews can determine if existing policies are performing as they should and if they’re meeting the client’s objectives. This process is crucial to help ensure that life’s many changes haven’t left a client with a gap in coverage or to find errors that may impact their financial outcome. For more information, please check out the resources below.
10 Most Common Life Insurance Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Lincoln Financial Policy Review Agent Guide
AIG Beneficiary Review Playbook
Presenting your clients with a policy review analysis does not have to be difficult. Choose from two approaches:
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Dixon Wells Quick Policy Review
This method uses information most clients have on hand to quickly indicate whether their insurance program is working or to provide guidance on recommended changes.
Dixon Wells In-Depth Policy Analysis
When a client’s insurance situation is more complex, this method allows for a more thorough analysis and as such, it requires more input from the client, and usually, in-force projections from the current carrier(s).


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