Contracting & Licensing


Completing contracting and licensing paperwork for multiple carriers is not only annoying, it keeps you from doing what you do best—working with your clients. At Dixon Wells, simply complete the C&L packet once—and we will use that information for most of our carriers.

The packet is form fillable, however you will need to print the packet in order to sign the forms with a ‘wet’ signature in BLACK ink.  E-signatures are not accepted at this time.   If you have any questions, please contact either Nicole or Becki (our wonderful contracting & licensing team).  They are always happy to assist you. 

We use an online contracting system to appoint you with all carriers. This simplifies the contracting process and saves you time.  Before you begin, check the frequently asked questions and also make sure you have the following items available so the process goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Completion Information
    • Complete your free annual AML training on the LIMRA site
  • Errors & Omissions Declaration Page (minimum coverage requirement $1 million per claim and $1 million aggregate)
  • Void Check (Carriers require direct deposit for commissions)