Annuity Training

Annuity Training

Please note that annuity CE training and product specific training are pre-solicitation requirements.  Failure to complete training prior to app solicitation will result in your application being rejected and any premiums paid refunded. 

Annuity CE can be completed here:  Please be sure to email a copy of your annuity CE and product training certificates to licensing or upload via our portal. 

Below are links and additional information for carrier product specific training.  This list will be updated as new information is available.  If there is a carrier you are planning to write an app with but do not see them on this list, please reach out to contracting and licensing for further assistance. 

If a product code/course name is not listed for the carrier below you will need to search through the available courses and select the one that matches the product you plan to write.

Training by Carrier

To email documents to our licensing and contracting team: