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Advanced Case Design

Insurance may frequently be a vehicle that compliments or protects your clients’ financial planning and advances their objectives. We take the time and have the tools to objectively assess the mitigating factors involved in designing solutions

At Dixon Wells Advisory, we become an integral resource as part of your wealth building and wealth transfer planning team.  In addition to evaluating the decisions you and your clients have made with their legal and tax advisors, we design insurance solutions that help minimize your client’s risks and maximize their estate and tax planning opportunities. We have dedicated advanced markets attorneys that assist in the design of business and personal insurance strategies, including:

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Complete alignment with you and your clients’ objectives is our only acceptable baseline.

  • Deferred compensation and executive benefits programs
  • Business succession and estate equalization strategies in the event of your client’s death or disability
  • Personal estate and gifting strategies to help ensure the orderly transition of your client’s wealth